Using theme templates for Events+ on Luke+Sara

Hi there,

So I'm setting up a website and would like to add a page where users can RSVP to an event. I reallylike the Luke+Sara theme so I wanted to build the site using that. When I installed the Events+ plugin, I was expecting it to be easy to use and would like amazing as most of your products that I've tried have been. But when I created an event and checked the page, the appearance is not impressive at all. I've tried to use templates from Luke+Sara but it doesn't show the event information on any of them. So I tried using the shortcode and pasting it on a sample page. That worked, it added the content to the middle part of the page, but it still doesn't look that nice. Any tip on how I can improve how it looks? Is there a way to use upfront to add/reposition sections of the event on the page?