Using Tweet & Get It with Membership plugin

I’m trying to use Tweet & Get It (T&GI) in conjunction with the Membership plugin. In order for T&GI to work, I need a URL to send the user to after they submit; the page I want them to arrive at will offer a 30 day free trial which is *not* offered to site users as a whole (it is exclusive to those who participate in the promo). It does not have to be secure, per se, just not offered on the main registration page. So my question is how do I setup a subscription which is only available to those users who know the sign-up URL?

I am open to using another free 3rd party plugin or Premium WPMUdev Plugin if needed. The end justifies the means. Thanks! : )

  • DavidM
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    Hi PrimeLogic,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    The best I can think of for that currently would be to create a subscription and make it “Active” but not “Made Public”, then refer those users to a special url where they could enter contact information and you could then add the special subscription to them manually.

    Subscriptions not made public won’t show in the signup or upgrade forms.

    For a fully automated solution it would take a bit of custom work, though it could be done, using Membership’s API to programmatically add a subscription to a user. It would require the assistance of a developer if you’re not comfortable with coding though.


  • PrimeLogic
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    Thanks for the welcome and the response, David. I was afraid that may be the case after looking around the back-end for a bit lol. For now I’ll just have to offer 30 day trials to all regardless of their referrer and then later on I’ll set a new subscription with a reduced trial period, so it will work out without delving into the API just yet. : )

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