Using URL group to restrict access to custom post type

Hello, I was reading some earlier questions from other users and trying to use the URL Groups to restrict access to a Custom Post type. I had the idea that I should be able to do this with a URL group since I believe all posts in the post-type will start the the same URL. (Correct me if I'm missing something obvious)
I'm looking at the instructions on the installation page, but I can't quite see what is going on exactly in the screenshot - might be blurry - might be my brain being blurry...

I have successfully restricted access to the archive page for the custom post type "newspaper" by entering this URL into a group:

But I can't figure out what to add after the slash to restrict the individual posts themselves.
is it newspaper/* or newspaper/.* ??

I tried looking at the regular expressions info page and I'm just not smart enough to figure that all out.