Using WHMCS login/registration instead of WP in order to access Q&A.

Hello there guys,

Firstly I´d like to say keep up the good work.

Secondly I have a question about the Q&A plugin. Since I am not going to be using WP registration, but I still fancy the Q&A plugin then I was wondering if it would be possible to use the login and registration from WHMCS? Since I am using WHMCS WP Integration and I would not like my people to register twice - in WP & in WHMCS.

Just thinking out loud that maybe it would be possible to connect the WP & WHMCS registration (register in one, registered in both) - that would help along on this as well.

I am curious if Q&A plugin would be able to count the WHMCS registration & login which would make a sweet feature.

Awaiting for feedback.

Best regards,
Raimo Pregel