Using Wiki with Membership Plug-in

We're trying to limit access to our Wiki, using it for staff and client purposes. I've installed the Membership Plug-in, but now realize that you can't assign Wiki entries to Categories... or can you?

If you have a suitable alternative plan, that would be great. We want to provide content just for Clients and just for Staff (which can see both).

  • DavidM

    Hi novusweb and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    As the Wiki plugin doesn't utilize categories and tags, I think it might be best to use top-level wikis for those two categories: Clients and Staff.

    With that, you could then configure Membership using URL Groups to restrict access to either of those by using* and* as urls, then specifying Yes for the regular expression option in the URL Group setup page.

    With that, all the sub-wikis will be restricted right from the top-level downward.

    If any of this seems unclear just let me know and I'll try and clarify. Would that work for you though?


  • novusweb

    Thanks for this response. I've tried what you've suggested, but it's just not restricting content.

    Our wiki domain is, so I set up two URL Groups:

    Clients:* - Reg Exp: Yes
    Staff:* - Reg Exp: Yes

    We have 3 membership levels: Public, Clients, Staff.

    For Public, I added URL Groups to Negative and checked both Clients and Staff.
    For Clients, I added URL Groups to Positive and checked Clients.
    For Staff, I add URL Groups to Positive and checked both Clients and Staff.

    I have a Wiki for Clients, with a sub-wiki called "Payment Gateways".
    I have a Wiki for Staff, with a sub-wiki called "Domain Name Management."

    Without logging in, using a "clean" browser, I can access all the 4 pages.

    So, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. If you would like access, let me know. I love your Wiki, and your Membership plug-ins, but I need a way to restrict access to certain content. I tried using shortcodes, too, within the Wiki post, but they didn't have any effect, either.

    Thanks for your help.

  • DavidM

    Hi novusweb,

    You wouldn't need Membership network activated for that to work, you'd need it activated on that particular sub-site though. Is that the case?

    Also, if you'd like to send through a guest login, I'll be happy to see what I can find to resolve this. I can't see a reason it wouldn't work given how you've described it, but with a login it'll be easier to troubleshoot this particular case.

    If that's okay with you, you can simply send us the details through our contact form, marked attention to David and referencing this thread.


  • novusweb

    That appears to work just fine. Thanks a lot!

    For future versions, I would suggest trying to incorporate the shortcodes and membership management for the Wiki, as well.

    One little problem I'm still having, though, is that even with the Wiki:Wiki widget set to only show the Top Level, all wiki entries are showing in the sidebar. Is there another trick to only showing the top level?

    I know I could create a menu widget, but thought I should bring that up in case it is broken.

    Thanks again for the fast service!

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