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Hello all on this fine Sunday,

So Im using events+ on a site and have discovered something slightly annoying.

Say I wanted to change something for the events page but using the header file. So I want to use the is_page() function but is_page('events') does not work. Im guessing because the plugin doesnt actually create the page.

Its a good plugin but Id like it to hook into the WP functions more. Is there a way to use is_page() that I dont know about, some ID thats assigned that I cant see?


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    Hi @ThePath

    Welcome on this beautiful Sunday :slight_smile:

    I'm not too sure if it's possible to hook into the WP functions, so I will ask the Developer to come on board and give us some more feedback regarding this.

    Excellent question!

    Talk soon.


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    Hi @The Path

    I actually think we have to move your post to the Feature Suggestions and Feedback Forum, since this is more of a feature request and I think it might be something that other user would also be interested in.

    Hope you agree :slight_smile: Get you maximum exposure for your request.


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    Hi Gina, well yeh I guess if the answer to my question is no then it is a feature request:

    Is there a way to use is_page() that I dont know about, some ID thats assigned that I cant see?

    Id be interested in a discussion about whether its possible to do this somehow just now.

    The main reason is I want to have different CSS on the body tag. Id prefer to do this in the header file using is_page() rather than do it in the events templates and have my changes overidden upon update.


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    If you'll copy the event template page to your theme's folder and change it there no overwritten will happen in the future updated of the plugin.

    Ah nice one I didnt know that.


    Yarrrr I shoulda got that one dagnabit :wink:

    OK cool well I have options anyway, might use the is_post_type_archive() across the board as its just a small css change and would prefer it on all archived pages :smiley:

    What a helpful community this is.

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    Thought Id post this if anyone cares, lol

    <?php if (is_post_type_archive() ) { ?>
    body {background: url("<?php bloginfo( 'template_url' ); ?>/images/bodybg.jpg") repeat-x scroll center -160px #1474D5;}
    <?php } ?>

    So basically I have pages where I have a grey bg image, but needed it shorter on on the events page. Might even make a custom page template so the admin can select this style of page for any page.


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