Using WP pages for all of Marketpress


My theme uses a concept called custom widget areas to create new side bars. These areas can be assigned to pages.

I need to create my own pages for Products (product list), Cart, Order Status, Single Product, and so on. so I can have a sidebar for the store on those pages.

Without using WP pages for this, I’d have the site’s default sidebar on all the store pages. Things like Widget Logic do not work with Marketpress using it’s dynamic system, and my theme, since Marketpress isn’t using actual WP pages.

Making the “store” page was simple, as is a product list page.

What I can not figure out is how to create a single Product display page without having to assign a product ID etc. I can’t see creating an entirely new page for each individual product. If my store eventually has 500 products, I don’t want 500 pages!

How do I create a page to display single products, and have that page called when I use the shortcode for the product list on the prior page? That page links to the /Store Base/products as defined in the plugin settings.

Is there really any way to have a store based on pages created in WP using Marketpress?