Using WP primarily as a CMS

Hi all!
I'm making my first website in Wordpress, migrating from CMS Made Simple, and I've come across some things I'm not sure how to come about.

First of all, I'm having trouble finding a solution for making pages with multiple sections. It seems like no plugin exists for this. For instance, I want to be able to make a page which consists of a normal text block, followed by a section with two columns of text, followed by a small image gallery with 8 specific images from my media library, followed by another block of text etc. How can I achieve this? Do I have to put all of it into the same editor?

Secondly, I need to make secondary content on the sidebar of each page, which could consist of a header, image and text, and only appear on that one page. Is there any way of getting more than one editor when creating a page?

Third, I want to be able to choose a specific header image for each page. The custom fields on a page only allow me to put in simple text strings, not images. I'm not sure if a plugin exists for this.

Forgive me for asking a lot of questions in the same thread :slight_smile: I'm very anxious to learn and master the art of publishing websites with Wordpress :slight_smile:

(The screenshot is from a WP theme where they have sections of one, two, three and four columns, all in the same page. Thats some of what I'm trying to achieve.)