Using WPMU / Buddy Press with Buddypress Daily

Hi everybody.

I’m very excited to have found this place. I signed up about a month ago, and I’m just now diving into everything.

Here is my goal. I have a site at prprofile dot com. The idea is to use BP daily as a site that contains all of the recent “Press Releases and articles” from members who have blogs on the site. Hopefully the home page will always be populated with some great new information that’s of use to writers, publishers, television and radio show producers, etc. So often a writer’s web site is all about buying books and events. I want this to be a place for them to “sell” themselves to producers. Likewise entrepreneurs can submit press releases about their business changes, etc.

Okay, so now you have the idea. Unfortunately, the manuals on WPMU DEV are almost entirely from a technical point of view and not from a business model point of view. For instance.. if you want to have this type of site and make money doing this, then do A, B, C, and D.

Right now I have WPMU and Buddypress installed with BP daily, along with Supporter plugin, Anti-Splog, .. I plan on adding Domain Mapping, MU affiliate, and some advertising for non-supporters.

Somehow, I want to add a premium service where my writers will take their drafts, and write them as professional press releases and articles. I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I might have to simply link out to a page somewhere and place a paypal button.

I also want to remove most of the administrative options… permalinks, etc. I only want admins to be able to modify their profile, upgrade to pro, enable (not install) premium plugins, and write/edit/delete their blog posts. Pretty much everything else can go away hopefully. I want this to be easy to use.

Also, can the default theme look exactly like my theme, without giving them all of the options to make changes? Likewise, have the same look and feel as the daily theme, without the daily home page on all of their home pages? Ugh.. confusing I know!

I know this all seems kind of vague, but I hope someone here says.. “Tony, I know exactly what you should do…”