Using XML Feeds with Autoblog

I am subscribed to a content service which provides me with XML-based feeds instead of RSS feeds.

Is it possible to use Autoblog with custom XML feeds instead of RSS feeds? I am thinking of creating an addon for Autoblog, similar to the existing addons, which parses the feeds, and transforms them into RSS feeds, before passing them to the plugin.

Is this the proper way of doing things, or is there a more elegant solution?

  • Chris
    • New Recruit


    Thanks for replying. However, these are custom-based feeds supplied by a 3rd party API service. They aren’t standard-based RSS or Atom Feeds.

    Here is the error I am getting when I try to process the custom feeds.

    This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed. , hence my initial question.


  • aecnu
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    Greetings chris_young6,

    Just touching base with you to let you know that we have not forgotten about you nor the question at hand.

    Hopefully the lead developer @Barry will make it in here sooner then later with his valuable input.

    However, without a link to that feed to see how it is being coded, I do not think there is much Barry can do.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Chris
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    It doesn’t matter how your feed is coded, since it’s pretty different from RSS. My question is a theoretical one, so I do hope barry could give me two minutes of his time.

    It has been 3 weeks since I posted this topic. Not the kind of support I was hoping for.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings chris_young6,

    Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated.

    I do understand that you believe that a theoretical question or even a question about something we are not directly involved with is in our support venue.

    The support we provide here is specifically defined by both the WPMU Dev lead developer and by my direct in line Boss.

    It is not that I think there should be a big delay hear in a reply, I am just trying to point out that though we want to help when we can, “theoretical” is absolutely, as defined by our management, is not within the realm of the support we offer and therefore we are at the mercy and convenience of the lead developer and if he chooses to answer it at all.

    In addition, though you think it is only two minutes for an answer, which may truly be the case, for one of the busiest developers we have with several current issues that are indeed directly within the boundaries of the support we do provide here which includes the many people waiting for this developers fixes to his specific assigned products, the priority here is obvious.

    Hopefully @Barry can break away for a couple of minutes to address this ticket and hopefully sooner then later. But his priorities within the organization are clearly defined.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Barry
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    It doesn’t matter how your feed is coded, since it’s pretty different from RSS. My question is a theoretical one, so I do hope barry could give me two minutes of his time.

    No, the plugin uses the simplepie RSS class built into WordPress so to get it to work with a custom XML feed you’d need to rewrite the entire reading and processing part of the plugin, which would effectively be as much work as writing a custom solution.

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Greetings and thanks for being a great community member.

    We haven’t heard from you on this one for long and I am doing a regular followup to see if there is still something we can assist you on this thread.

    Just to manage the support issues more efficiently, I am marking this thread as resolved for now however this is not being done to avoid your questions in any way.

    Please feel free to mark this is “Not resolved” in case you have further questions and we would be back on it.

    Thanks a lot for being with WPMU DEV.



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