v1.0.4 not sending to accts created with FB Connect

I have v1.0.4 installed and it's working fine for any new users who register on the site. However, I also have the WP-FB-AutoConnect plugin (v1.3.10) configured to allow users to sign in to my site using their Facebook credentials.

I see the queues on my actions increase when a local user is created, but not when a FB user is created.

  • Mason
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    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I've not used the WP-FB-AutoConnect plugin before, but my guess would be that this plugin skips some portion of a normal WordPress new user signup. Can you confirm their user_ID exists in the database?

    I'll ask a couple of our devs to take a look at this, but it's difficult to encounter and support every variable created by other plugins. Still, we'll do what we can :smiley:

    Again, welcome!

    *Edit* Also, we do have a completely re-written version of this plugin (currently in beta). If you want to give it a try it does away with the extra database tables which is where the new users are probably not being added in your situation.

    Read the post first and then decide if you want to give it a try - or wait for the final release:

  • nbernhart
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    Thanks for the reply masonjames.

    I went ahead and removed the installed Automessage plugin and installed the beta you provided. It looks to be working on the FB accounts. I've had two registrations via FB Connect since installing the beta, and there are two messages in the correct message queue.

    Too bad it's not including pre-existing accounts in the queues. I created a new message that should have picked up a few existing users, but the queue is still at 0.

    Is there any way in WPMU / BuddyPress to email all users?

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