validating xml feeding

I am having trouble validating xml feeds. The feed when viewed via my browser appears correct and loads properly, but when trying to validate shows incorrect.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site and I can see that the only feed that's added there has the "Enable Twitter to this feed" option enabled. Is that the feed in question?

    Such a feed shouldn't "Validate" because "Validate" option redirect to an RSS/XML external validator and that add-on is using Twitter API instead of a real feed.

    If that's not a feed in question, could you point me to a right one please?

    Best regards,

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey there David,

    i trust you're doing good today and don't mind chiming in!

    In the feed url I actually put in After it changed to the twitter info and could not be changed by me.

    This is true due to the Twitter Addon that my colleague Adam mentioned to you.
    The validation error shouldn't be an issue for you then.
    Is there any other misbehaviour you're dealing with that we may help? Please advise! :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello David!

    I think should make sure that we are on the same side here.

    The Twitter add-on replaces the feed address in Autoblog settings and clicking on "Validate" will always bring errors. What my colleague Dimitris meant by saying that "the validation error shouldn't be an issue" is that you will want to simply ignore it.

    However, apart from that error, the question is: what do you want to achieve? Are you just trying to fetch the feed to your site? If so, you don't need a Twitter add-on for this.

    If you wish to post data from that feed to Twitter then the Autoblog plugin doesn't do this. I'm eager to help you but I'd like to find a "common ground" first to be 100% sure what are we going to do here. I hope that makes sens :slight_smile:

    Looking forward for your replay,

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