Variations for Downloadable products – Free Shipping per item – Coupon per item

I would like to make course curriculum available for digital download, and that is easy enough, but I also want to specify how many copies of the curriculum the buyer can print off. Bear in mind that I also offer tangible goods, which I have temporarily dealt with by using the shipping rate table. It would appear that if I set the variation at say, Curriculum X – License for 5 ; License for 10 ; License for 20, I no longer have the option to have the product listed as a digital download.

So, then I figure I’m just going to have to suck it up and ask them to go to a separate product to buy the license, but now that it is no longer a download, it charges them shipping. It would appear that I would have to create a separate product for each and every license, as a digital download, to avoid this problem- and I know that if it were me, I’d already be wondering if its time to just head to the door.

It seems like variations for a digital product, free shipping per item, or coupon per item, could all resolve this easily, the first two being invisible to he consumer. Is there any other option that I am unaware of other than creating 10 different products rather than, say, 2? (Remember, I have to set shipping, because I also offer tangible goods!)