Various FB likes on the same page

I have a need for various FB likes on the same page.

I would need the normal 'like" (our site/page). But would also like to present the users with the capability to 'like' our wordpress users.

Does the plugin allow 2 or 3 different likes (with different destinations) on the same page? Or should we resort to coding the other types of likes?

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi webcom,

    I believe you can use as many of them on a page as you like. The [wdfb_like_button] shortcode can be used for that and is detailed at Ultimate Facebook > Shortcodes.

    If you're coding those in your theme, you could probably just use do_shortcode ('[wdfb_like_button]') to display them as well.

    One thing though, to "Like" users I think would require you to have public facing page for each user which would be the object of the "Like", or basically the url being "Liked".


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