Varying hours functionality across different days

After some further research, it doesn't appear as though i can achieve what i require with the appointments+ plugin... which is granular control of hours of operation.

Would i be able to get this control with creating a regular class schedule in Events+ or is there actually anyway that i can refine appointments+ to create a gym class schedule?

If neither are a possibility, how do i go about effecting a refund, as i have no use for this plugin


  • Luke

    Hi Predrag, thanks for the quick response.

    I'm looking to use Appointments+ to setup recurring classes on weekdays at varying times depending on the day.

    Example, classes running for an hour from 12h00 - 13h00, 14h30 - 15h30 on a Monday, 08h00 - 09h00 on a Tuesday etc.

    From my research on the support forums, it appears that Events+ might suit my needs, but it too has its flaws, as it doesn't easily enable recurring class appointments far into the future?

    Any help would be appreciated, your plugins look and function great, but might not be exactly what i need (I'm aware no custom coding is done)


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Luke,

    I hope you're well! Would you mind if I hop to this thread for a moment or so?

    IExample, classes running for an hour from 12h00 - 13h00, 14h30 - 15h30 on a Monday, 08h00 - 09h00 on a Tuesday etc.

    It does sound like a job for Events+ plugin. Appointments+ is designed for booking single appointments rather then recurring events. For example, it's a great tool to book a visit in a barber shop: there are three barbers working on a fixed schedule and a customer can select his favor barber, the preferable day of visit and then book a free slot.

    For the case scenario that you've described Events+ definitely would be a tool of choice for me.

    From my research on the support forums, it appears that Events+ might suit my needs, but it too has its flaws, as it doesn't easily enable recurring class appointments far into the future?

    Honestly, I'm not aware of this but of course I can be missing something. Would you please elaborate a bit on this? What do you mean by "far into the future" (how far) and perhaps would you be able to throw me a link to this findings? I'd be happy to test it for you just to make sure that the plugin will work for you.

    Please advise!


  • Luke

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the response, I haven't tested Events+ as it would mean purchasing a full WPMUDev membership license, and i was only after a 'booking type' functionality from a reliable plugin. Appointments+ came highly recommended after my research online, but none of the plugins have a demo area / back-end sandbox that i could test, so i purchased it on the assumption it was as 'powerful & flexible' as it stated.

    If Events+ can book recurring 'events' or classes, which vary on hours of availability depending on the day, then it might be the correct plugin i'm looking for. Obviously, the key factor for me would be that i don't have to do this manually, day by day. If i can setup 1 full week as i described in my example, and then let that recur even 6 months into the future, it would be ideal. I would also like to omit certain days from that calendar, such as public holidays or extended breaks (Christmas etc)

    If this all sounds possible, then how do i switch my license to an Events+ plugin ?

    If not, then i would really like to cancel my single plugin license monthly sub and request a full refund


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Luke!

    I hope you're doing fine and thank you for this explanation!

    As I know better now what you wish to achieve, I can confirm that actually this can be setup with both of these plugins so Appointments+ will do the job as well and swell :slight_smile:

    The trick here is to use "multiple service provider setup". Here's are the steps:

    1. In your dashboard go to the "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Services" page
    2. Create service, set a capacity (maximum number of simultaneous attendees/bookings) and duration (60 minutes for your example)

    3. In your dashboard go to the "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Service Providers" page
    4. Assuming you have 3 different time slots a day, create there three service providers (e.g. "SA", "SB" and "SC")
    5. You may tick the "dumb" checkbox for all of them if this is actually one person
    6. Assign the same service to all these three service providers

    7. Go to your dashboard's "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Working Hours" page
    8. From the drop-down list right above the table select service provider "SA"
    9. Set schedule; Based on your example this might be:
    - Monday: work YES, start 1200, end 1300
    - Tuesday: work YES, start 0800, end 0900

    10. From the drop-down list select provider "SB"
    11. Set schedule
    - Monday: work YES, start 1430, end 1530
    - Tuesday: work YES, start 1030, end 1130

    12. Follow the pattern for another provider.

    The rule here would be to create as many service providers as many classes you offer on a most busy day. So if you offer 5 classes on Wednesday but the number of classes is the same or less on every other day then you create 5 service providers.

    Having them added you can setup a schedule for each of them using the pattern:

    1 service provider = 1 "slot"/day = working hours.

    Last one thing to setup would be holidays and other breaks. You can configure those here:

    "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Exceptions"

    You should also first select a provider here and repeat settings for each of them.

    I think that's pretty much all you need to setup to get started. Appointments will be added to a calendar recurrently.

    Give it a try and let me know how it worked!


  • Luke

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your reply, and suggestion about a work around using Appointments+

    I did actually try something similiar, and it does require setting up multiple users (and in Wordpress, that means multiple email address, which i find a bit messy for this situation). I would need to create a minimum of 16 users... as this is the amount of sessions i need to make available across the busiest day (it's actually 2 service providers, having varying hours of operation), with a possibilty of adding a 3rd real life service provider, and therefore who knows how many extra WP users)

    Thanks for your help on this, but i would prefer to effect a full refund at this stage. I have already written to the support team stating this.

    Please let me know what else is needed to process this

    Thanks again!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @Luke,

    Sorry to hear you didn't manage to get this one sorted out :slight_frown:
    If you change your mind please let us know if we could assist you further.

    Unfortunately we can't deal about account related question in the forum.
    Would you please use our contact form: to contact our account department. Select I have a billing question and post your message. They will help you there.

    Best regards,

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