VAT (Tax) in Pro Sites

I wonder why the only option to set VAT in Pro Sites is with Taxamo?
I would like to set a price (e.g Kr. 99,- +VAT) in my pricelist, but I can only write a fixed price. When using Stripe, then it's only charging the kr. 99,-

To compensate for the VAT I would have to set the price at kr. 123.75 but that just dont look right, kr. 99 +VAT sound better, and studies show this actually converts better in sales

I have no intention on using Taxamo, ehy on earth should I buy a suscription for this, when I only sell in Denmark, and we have one fixed VAT. But I do not have the option to choose wether I want to set my price with or without tax.

Also my clients should get an invoice saying either "including VAT or price an VAT separate with a total sum.

But I can not make an invoice in Pro Sites??
This means I manually must write and send this after?

Any sollutions I have overseen?

Regards Kenneth