Verifying db-config, please

Step 3: db-config.php
#1 Line 10: if you are using 16 do you leave this line alone. I'm assuming yes, but I'd rather verify this too.

#2 Line 16: currently looks like: add_dc_ip('127.0.0.', 'dc1'); changing to: add_dc_ip('', 'dc1');
Do I leave 'dc1'?

#3 Line 25: Do we add _global to our db name. EX: restrell_global

Below is how lines 65 and below looks, with the only change per line the restrell_1, _2 and so on. Is this correct? The example shows 'masonjan_dbname_0. The masonjan is confusing.

add_db_server('0', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_0', 'username', 'password');

Line #63: I changes to:
add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrella_global', 'username', 'password');

Are these the correct changes, assuming the IP and username and password are correct?

Thank you,

In the example bd-config-sample-16.php, shouldn't the IP address in line 16 match in the add_db_server lines? Meaning the should be the same as the numbers on line #16. Am I correct or have I missed something else?
add_db_server('0', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'wpmu_0', 'db_user_name', 'db_user_name_pass');

  • Barry
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    In the example bd-config-sample-16.php, shouldn't the IP address in line 16 match in the add_db_server lines? Meaning the should be the same as the numbers on line #16. Am I correct or have I missed something else?
    add_db_server('0', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'wpmu_0', 'db_user_name', 'db_user_name_pass');

    One of the IP addresses should be an external WAN IP address if one exists, and the other the local IP address (which is the case in the example above) - if you don't have an external IP address then put the local one in both (and vice versa).

  • Larry_D
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    Thanks, I now get to the
    Houston, we have a problem!
    Looks like you need to create your new db's! If you're lucky, this link still works - click me
    Database Error: Access denied for user 'restrell_zmedia'@'localhost' to database 'restrell_global'
    Click on link takes me to, Access to content by IP address is not allowed. Please type domain name instead. ?????

    My original dbase for wp is restrell_zm1
    My new dbases; restrell_(generated)x16

    Line 16: add_dc_ip('173.247.249.', 'dc1');
    Line 25: add_global_table('restrell');
    Line 63: add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'173.247.249.','173.247.249.', 'restrell_global', 'zmedia', 'password');

    Line 65: add_db_server('0', 'dc1', 1, 1,'173.247.249.','173.247.249.', 'restrell_0', 'zmedia', 'username');

    HELP? Does that sound desperate. :^)

    Once I get through this, I'll be an expert. Luckily this is a test site and nothing critical is lost, but time and pride. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    At this point the website to totally down. With the following error message.
    Warning: mysql_get_server_info(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/restrell/public_html/wp-content/db.php on line 669

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/restrell/public_html/wp-content/db.php:669) in /home/restrell/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3191
    Error establishing a database connection

  • Larry_D
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    Let me ask this question now that I've combed the instructions several time. As part of step #2 do you also need to create a global dbase? So it would look like this: restrell_global

    CREATE DATABASE dbname_global DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

    I just don't see what I'm missing. Time for a short break.

  • Barry
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    You need a global database (either called _global or just use the one you originally had for your single db install) and 16 new databases (if you are using a 16 db system).

    You need to create all the databases, create a user and assign rights to each of the databases for the user. You can then set up your db config file and run the move-scripts file to move the tables to the correct locations.

  • Larry_D
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    OK, I created a database called global and I no longer have an error when i run the move-blog script.

    #4 To start the copy process click here. When I click it I get a new error.
    Warning: mysql_free_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/restrell/public_html/wp-content/scripts/move-blogs.php on line 140

    I've created the 16 new databases with all rights.

  • Larry_D
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    Sorry, true, I was following the flow of this specific post as we've referred to line already.

    // Plugin Name: Multi-DB
    // Plugin URI:
    // Author: Andrew Billits (Incsub), S H Mohanjith (Incsub)
    // Version: 2.9.2
    //---DB Scaling-----------------------------------------------------------//
    // 16,256,4096
    define ('DB_SCALING', '16');
    //---DC IPs---------------------------------------------------------------//
    // Usage: add_dc_ip(IP, DC)
    // EX: add_dc_ip('123.123.123.', 'dc1');
    add_dc_ip('173.247.249.', 'dc1');
    //---Global Tables--------------------------------------------------------//
    // Do not include default global tables
    // Leave off base prefix (eg: wp_)
    // Usage: add_global_table(TABLE_NAME)
    // EX: add_global_table('something');




    //---DB Servers-----------------------------------------------------------//
    // Database servers grouped by dataset.
    // R can be 0 (no reads) or a positive integer indicating the order
    // in which to attempt communication (all locals, then all remotes)
    // Usage: add_db_server(DS, DC, READ, WRITE, HOST, LAN_HOST, NAME, USER, PASS)
    // EX: add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','global.mysql.example.lan:3509', 'global-db', 'globaluser', 'globalpassword');
    // Note: you can also place this section in a file called db-list.php in wp-content
    // EX: add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','global.mysql.example.lan:3509', 'global-db', 'globaluser', 'globalpassword');
    add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_global', 'zmedia', 'password');

    add_db_server('0', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_0', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('1', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_1', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('2', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_2', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('3', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_3', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('4', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_4', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('5', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_5', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('6', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_6', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('7', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_7', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('8', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_8', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('9', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_9', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('a', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_a', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('b', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_b', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('c', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_c', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('d', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_d', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('e', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_e', 'zmedia', 'password');
    add_db_server('f', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'restrell_f', 'zmedia', 'password');
    //---VIP Blogs------------------------------------------------------------//
    // Usage: add_vip_blog(BLOG_ID, DS)
    // EX: add_vip_blog(1, 'vip1');


    My original database to launch wp:
    DB_NAME: restrell_zm1
    DB_USER: restrell_zmedia

    The new databases are also named
    DB_NAME: restrell_(0) x16 code generated
    DB_USER: same as above

    Also created a global database
    DB_NAME: restrell_global
    DB_NAME: same as above


    All databases have full rights. Verified


    ///DB Settings
    $dbname = "restrell_zm1"; //This is your current database
    $blog_table_prefix = 'wp_2'; //Prefix of your wpmu blog tables, most likely this won't need to be changed
    $newdb_prefix = 'restrell_'; //This is the prefix of the db's you're moving your tables into - we assume they are all the same, if not, you're in trouble

    //We need info to connect to the databases
    $dbhost = 'localhost';
    $dbuname = 'restrell_zmedia';
    $dbpass = 'password';

    //How many db's are you moving into (16, 256, or 4096)?
    $db_scaling = '16';



    I my original wp-config file I gave the table pefix of $table_prefix = 'wp_2';

    I'm certain i've done something stupid. Getting ready to whip the slate clean and do a detailed step by step outline of what I'm doing.

  • devex
    • Flash Drive

    I'm going through pretty much the same grief here because the instructions for this are so ambiguous.

    At present my move-blogs.php is throwing up:-

    "Database Error: Access denied for user ''xxxxx'@'%' to database 'zzzzz_c'

    (data obfuscated)

    Well, user xxxxx'@'% doesn't exist so that's got me stumped!

    I have an existing database with existing tables, not some blank global one without tables (how is that possible anyway - a Wordpress database without tables - or do we set up an additional blank database IN ADDITION to the existing one with tables? If so we'd end up with 18 tables for a supposedly 16 table setup correct?). Do we use IPs or specific localhost:port addresses? Why a 3 block IP at add_dc_ip and not 4 (or is it 4 anyway - comments here show 3, the instructions show 4). The comment above:-

    "Line 25: add_global_table('restrell');
    Do you have a table in your global database called wp_restrell? If not then that line shouldn't be there."

    Well, I thought the instruction was to add the table so it shouldn't be there anyway!

    I'm really and truly lost. Can something please give a clear and unambiguous set of visual instructions for what should be a relatively simple setup.

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