Version Control

Hey! Trying to make a constructive suggestion here....on a bad situation...

The Directory plugin has had some issues. Tonight, I downloaded and installed the 2.1.x version which is current. However, it's pretty well known to be...the best one word summary, probably ..."unusable". I am a little embarrassed ATM, because I told my team we'd have a Directory working almost immediately, a few hours ago.

Fortunately, Arnold and team are working hard...2.2 RC8 is available in a thread on the forum here, as of two days ago.

At some point, probably a couple of RCs back, the 2.2 RC was probably better than the 2.1.2, which never even displayed the Custompress options correctly for me. RC8 at least does that.

Just saying....I lost about 2.5 hours troubleshooting and searching forums.

By way of analogy, it seems that CiviCRM pulled their 4.2.3 release from their download site almost immediately when it was realized to be buggy, and published 4.2.4

Anyway....constructive suggestions...obvious, right? Some combination of putting the RCs into the Dashboard, marking the questionable extension/version as Temporarily Unavailable, etc. In addition, allow user reviews to control TU status in the Dashboard.