Very basic question - the branding plugin is supposed


Very basic question - the branding plugin is supposed to be applied network wide and isn't. I've installed it as an plug-in option in the super admin section. But as yet it's not being applied to other sites on the network. Basically though I'm actually trying to use existing sub folders on Godday's servers. Is it possible to do this? I seem to be able to access them via the super admin correctly?

Hope that makes sense?

  • Alexander

    Hi @Christopher,

    Are you using Multisite? Or just several sites installed on one server? I'm not sure what you mean by the existing subfolders. If they are separate installs, this wouldn't work. However, if this is a subdirectory Multisite installation it should work ok. When network activated, the Ultimate Branding settings should be applied.

    Could you elaborate a bit on how your sites are setup? Are your sites accessible from your WordPress network dashboard?

    Best regards,

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