Very small CSS fix for facebook connect widget – I'm stuck :(

Hey guys,

Right now I feel like a real asshole, I just can’t get this thing right. All I want to do is to adjust the alignment of the facebook connect to page widget (Can be seen in the homepage sidebar of, login using julia / juliajulia

I think I not WHAT to do, but I can’t figure out HOW to do it.. I assume the CSS should look something like this:

.whatelement? {

border: none; (I also want to remove the blue border)

width: 250px;

margin-left: 5px;

margin-top: 10px;

margin-bottom: 10px;


But i can’t figure out where to put it, or what element I should use. I get the alignment right using “inspect element” with google chrome, but I still can’t get it right.

Where should I put the styling? the theme’s style.css, or in the plugin styling? How do I get rid of the border?

Thanks so much for the help, I don’t believe it’s something complicated.. I’m just too newbie I guess :slight_frown: