Very strange time anomoly on BP Daily

Hi Tammie,
I'm not 100% this is BP daily specific as I have no other themes that actually show the time and date on them as far as I know.
You know the time at the top of the BP Daily theme and the date, well on my site it is always 1 hour behind the actual time no matter what I do with the time settings in WP.

I presumed this was to do with the time on my server which might not be set to UK daylight saving time (even though the servers are UK based apparently)

However I have noticed something very odd.
When I upload a group avatar to my site, the time actually shows correctly on the 'crop avatar' page.
It ONLY shows correctly here for some reason. As soon as you move on to the next step it resorts back to 1 hour behind.

What could this possibly be down to?
Could it be a theme issue?

I'm at a loss but it would be great to show the correct UK time on my site.