VERY URGENT REQUEST …. sorry to make this urgent

Dear, most valued Support Team,

surprisingly we just received from STRIPE the following warning

Problem with your Stripe webhook

It looks like we’ve had a bit of trouble delivering webhooks to your test webhook handler running at Since 2015-09-08 15:08:07 +0000, at least 2031 of the times we’ve attempted to deliver a webhook have failed, and none have succeeded. Looking at the most recent failure, we received an HTTP status code of 302 from your webhook URL. It looks like your webhook URL returned a redirect to However, our webhook system only treats a webhook delivery as successful if we get back a status code between 200 and 299, so this redirect is considered a failure. You may just want to update your webhook URL to

Unfortunately we thought STRIPE would work proper as the user register did not fail, see attached screenshoot.

Please, would you mind to check the settings and in case something has to be updated to do so.

BIG, BIG Thanks in advance.

Cheers Prinz