Video and Image linking, Media Uploader should be separate button

On the Status plugin, when you want to add a video (youtube, etc) or image, the Media Uploader pops up automatically, unfortunately if you just want to add a link to a YouTube video, the "From URL" tab in the Media Uploader is missing the "Submit" button and the user is forced to close the Media Uploader and then paste their link in the status form.

I image in most cases it will be links to videos being posted, so to create a better user experience, when a user selects Video or Image, instead of forcing open the Media Uploader, display text in the form to "paste video or image url here" and then show an additional "Upload" button next to the form that would launch the Media Uploader if the user wanted to upload their own video or image.

Right now the process of linking a video or image feels counter intuitive.