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Hi, I have a WPMU site running buddypress. I have a dedicated server with WPMU Hosting so I have plenty of power. My users are students in a K-8 school. I need a simple way for them to insert a video into a post as easily as they can a photo. Does anyone know of a solution? All the ones I’ve tried have many trip up points along the way. I’m not adverse to using something like phpmotion but don’t quite know how to install the required modules. etc. Any ideas?

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    Hi @albert_bricker

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Users should be able to upload video to the media gallery as standard. however attaching them to posts would require a plugin.

    youtube videos can be embedded in posts, but if youtube isn’t an option, there maybe other plugins to do this.

    I have found Power Press plugin which maybe suitable.

    hopefully it will do the job, please let us know either way as it will help us if other people request help.


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    Hi, thanks for the quick response / suggestion. All of these plugins sort of required some of the same hurdles; sign up for an account, hosting provided by them, the need to create custom fields, etc.

    I have a multi-user setup using buddypress and the buddyboss theme. This is for two different schools students K-8. The process to include a video into a post needs to be about drop dead simple.

    I also have a dedicated server with Joe at Therefore I was even considering installing the required elements to process video myself.

    I’ve been working on this problem for several weeks and looked at all kinds of possible solutions.

    My students are using WeVideo as the platform for video creation. Due to Google tying in channel creation on youtube to Google+ this eliminated that as a publishing option for my students (under 13). I knew all along that WeVideo would “publish” to Google Drive. Yesterday I discovered that those videos could be posted using a provided embed code. The caveat is that Google Drive (we are using Google Apps for Education) has to be set to allow to share/publish public. Also, the code is an iFrame embed code. I believe this is not natively supported and requires a plug in to “activate it”. I’m using Ultimate Tiny MCE which has some youtube support so that may be enabling iFrames. Don’t really know but “it just works”.

    FYI: YouTube and other videos don’t need any special plugins or other hoops to post content. Just put the link on a line by itself and publish. It will just play!

    I found this article on the subject:

    So, back to my students workflow. They sign into Google Chrome with their school account. We’ve added WeVideo for Google Drive from the Chrome Store. They click on that and after giving permission it will sign them in using their google account. This free account will give them three levels of editor; advanced, timeline, and storyboard. They can also publish up to 15min of vide per month. They can also, using a flash player on the site, record their video and audio. Then when they are finished they publish to Google Drive. There may be a delay while Google Drive renders the video. Then they simply adjust the permissions to public, grab the embed code and put it in their post or page. There is a bit of a teachable moment here as they do have to be in text mode but that’s OK. I checked my test page and both the embedded Google Drive Video and the linked youtube video play on my iPad so there are no flash issues showing up there.

    I’ll test this fully with students next week but it seems like a very workable solution that fits into our existing workflow.

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