Video instructions for Membership

Are there any detailed video instructions for Membership plugin set up, cause I am having a hard time following along, and since I have not used it before it is a bit confusing to say the least..

As the main thing I am getting is 2 subscribe buttons for each membership section I have?

Also, what is the difference between

Free subscriptions gateway

PayPal Express Gateway

PayPal Single Payments Gateway

The reason I ask is because I have a site I am building where they have a membership (3 different flavors), and for those that just want to purchase individual ebook lessons they can do so, but not under a membership.


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    Hi Carl,

    We’re in the process of providing video tutorials for Membership as well as other plugins here but for the moment we’ll gladly assist through the forums here and try and provide added resources to help clarify things.

    As such, we’ve got a couple tutorials posted through the blog at as follows:

    Those help to explain various aspects of the plugin.

    As for the multiple buttons, those will appear based on whatever gateways you have activated, according the subscriptions you’ve setup. If a subscription has a price associated with it, all the gateways that are active will provide a button for use with them. So for instance, if you’ve got a paid subscription and have the PayPal, 2CO and gateways active, you should see a button for each of those.

    As for the gateways, the Free gateway is for use with any free subscriptions you might want to offer. The PayPal with Subscriptions gateway works with PayPal and creates a subscription through PayPal.

    The PayPal Single gateway works with PayPal but does NOT create a subscription in PayPal, instead it handles the subscriptions locally, on its own, which allows for a bit of flexibility in that you don’t have to rely on PayPal for subscription cancellations.

    As an added note, you won’t need to use the Free gateway if you’re using the PayPal Single gateway. That gateway can handle free subscriptions itself.

    I just noticed these things aren’t really covered in those instructions so I’ll see about getting those added in as well.

    Hope this helps though, just let us know if you have further questions on any of it.



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