Video & Link submission in Text Field

I am using WPMU DEV Dashboard v3.1.5, WordPress 3.4.1. with the Salutation Theme. The phrases “Paste video URL here” and “Paste link here” do not disappear when I click in the text field. Here is a link to the section where BuddyPress Activity Plus is on my website .

I am looking on how to fix this as I have also done some research on javascript code that looks like this

<input onfocus=”this.value=”” value=”your@email” name=”email_address” />

, and was wondering if needed to place this code if that is the only way to correct the issue.

My Site

BuddyPress 1.6.1

WPMU DEV Dashboard v3.1.5

WordPress 3.4.1.

Salutation Theme 1.5.3