video plugin blows up dashboard in latest update

I updated your latest version, when i network activated it, the dashboard no longer functioned site wide from admin to regular users. I disable it, everything works accordingly. luckily it did work in net admin, so i could disable it..

I've become concerned that in the last several plugins I've used from you guys and pay a pretty penny for a subscription, they conflict heavily and 9 times out of 10, cause significant problems, nor do i get the support and solution for these ongoing problems in any type of acceptable manor for the price paid.. And honestly, theres nothing worse, then having to go plugin to plugin to disable them, to find out 9 times out of 10, it was a wpmu plugin problem..

Currently i have installed,
Comments plus - disabled (throws tons of header errors, etc)
Video tutorials - latest version blows up dashboard
google+ - numerous page level errors
ultiamte facebook - more errors then i care to note (many depreciated valued noted)
update notification - buggy at best and my users dont need to be notified, only the site admin..
chat - i've contacted you numerous times and continues to go unresolved
domain mapper - had to revert to the wordpress version..

So basically everything I use, doesnt work.. and or has major ramifcations sitewide in my multiuser setup.. I dont have these problems with other plugins we use..

I need solutions and answers quickly..

  • DavidM

    Hi agentsnation,

    I think that may have to do with the WordPress 3.3 update. Have you updated to 3.3 yet?

    The plugin was updated specifically for use with 3.3 and the changelog, as follows, and also noted with the update message in the back-end notification, mentions it's not backward compatible:

    If you're using WP 3.2, you'll have to use the prior version for compatibility reasons. That's possibly the case with other plugin issues you might be experiencing but we can have a look at those issues through separate threads if you'll go ahead and post those issues.

    The Chat issue was marked as resolved as we didn't hear further from you. If you'll go ahead and mark that as unresolved and let us know a bit more detail we'll have a look with ya!


  • agentsnation

    Thanks for the reply,

    Unfortunately, the notifcation plugin said "an updates available" in the header of the admin.. with really no indicator there was a compatibility issue so significant that it causes a sitewide dashboard failure, that would be something that should have been considered on WPMU's end prior to an upgrade release of a plugin. rather then captioning at the top of my page, "WPMU You have updates available, update to the latest version". that says to me, you've tested your product, ensured it works on my existing platform and are ready to immediately improve the service of such with it working on new versions available also.. As well, the notification plugin really should notify the site owner, me, not all my customers as they have no ability to update.. and if i disable the notification plugin, it prompts all my customers, to enable the notification plugin.. come on!!

    As we do plan to update WP to the latest version soon enough, as i noted, I've become very frustrated that so many of the plugin's I really like from WPMU, are really not compatible, have glitches, error out, fill up server logs and cost me more time then im willing to afford.

    at this point, i dont know if i'll roll it back.. each time i update a plugin, i have to spend allot of time cross checking my system.. and at this point, I have basically all my WPMU plugins disabled until further review which is very sad as I've paid for a service i have to keep disabled.. :slight_frown:

    thanks for your response..

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