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Are there any good screen recording software out there? I have tried TechSmith Camtasia but not liking the quality especially since my audience are 1. very beginner 2. very finicky @ times.

Also, I am hoping for maybe .mp4 file types or something that also works on the scaled down browsers, i.e. iphones, etc. Don't ask me how they will see the videos in detail but if nothing else, something as clear as possible and as smooth as possible.

Help appreciated...

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi drdave,

    I rather thought that Camtasia was the prime choice for PC-based screen-casting, but if you find that insufficient for your purposes, perhaps you might find the following free solutions viable.

    Camstudio is a tiny program that's completely free, though admittedly limited in options.

    HyperCam is a rather hidden gem that will likely remain hidden since there's no marketing thrust behind it currently. It once was a commercial software, but it seems that support has been dropped and it's been made available as freeware. When compared against the Camstudio, it's rather monstrous.

    So far as mp4 format, I typically use other software to convert across formats and while I realize there may be some quality lost in the conversion, I've never noticed substantial loss myself.


  • drdave
    • The Crimson Coder

    DavidM I am waiting for my new laptop to get repaired. Same old Dell story. Sorry for late reply. I will be looking forward to giving these a try.

    The little I've seen and tried techsmith jing a day or two ago was also quite impressive so now it's just a matter of trying them out.


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