Video Tutorial: How to set up Membership on a single site

Hi all,

I wanted to try my hand at screencasting and that led me to my first project: a tutorial on how to set up a simple Membership site. I don't have specialized screencasting software, just iMovie, so forgive me if comes off as amateur at times. Like I said, it's my first go at this, but I think it will serve as a decent walk-through for those who like video tutorials.

This is a member contribution.

(I'm working towards a Lifetime Membership)

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Video Tutorial: How to set up Membership on a single site

The test site has 3 paid membership levels and 1 free visitor level. You'll learn the basics of how Membership works, including how to create access levels, protect content and add subscription plans. I don't cover every feature of Membership in this tutorial but I do try to provide you with a clear guide on how to set up a site and avoid some common mistakes.

Part 1a - Some Important Warnings and a Brief Tour (4:00)
Part 1b - Some Important Warnings ... Continued (7:00)
Part 2 - Using the Wizard to Create Access Levels and Subscription Plans (5:30)
Part 3a - Create the Membership Pages and Hidden Pages (8:30)
Part 3b - Create the Membership Pages ... Continued (9:30)
Part 4 - Using Access Levels and Positive/Negative Rules to Protect Content (9:30)
Part 5 - Creating a Test Member and Using Shortcodes to Protect Content (5:00)
Part 6 - Editing the Subscription Plans and Activating Sign Ups (7:00)

Extra - How to fix the "blank screen" installation problem (2:30)

Disclaimers and Notes
These videos may contain inaccuracies about WordPress, WPMU DEV, the Membership plugin and computing in general. There, I said it. Please address all Membership support requests to WPMU DEV staff and developers. They are the experts! My apologies in advance to @Barry and others for any confusion I may cause through this tutorial.