Video Tutorials are not really white-labeled - see the page source

Guys, even though there is an API code and it should be really white-labeled as it says - once you pull the page source you see the link to, is there any way to really white-label the tutorials?

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  • Mark

    Well, it depends on how you implement it and if you really wish to give members white-labeled product.

    Instead of you could simply choose a public IP leading to nowhere if accessed directly.

    You could also create a domain like instead and feed from there.

    Perhaps there are several other ways you guys could think of if you really wanted to give me my own branding.

    Stating NO WAY and marking it as resolved is one of the way of doing things, it just doesn't really fit into WPMU's customer centric model.

  • aristath

    Hello again @Mark,

    The tutorial videos are videos about how to do basic operations with WordPress etc.
    If one of your clients is smart enough to look at a page's source, then surely they don't need videos to teach them how to write a post...
    These tutorial videos target a specific audience and are only useful to a group of people.
    If a client of yours sees a tutorial video, then clearly they don't even know what a page's "source" is.

    Academically speaking of course there are ways to mask the URL and do a bunch of stuff... But can you honestly say that masking the source URL of a video that teaches folks how to write a post is something useful?
    Even if we use an IP, someone smart enough to look at a page's source will be smart enough to do a ping+whois to find who that IP belongs to.


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