Video tutorials for end users

Hi all,
what about to realize some unbranded video tutorials to help end users to do basic operations on their site and use that ones as video user manuals?
This help many ppl that can save working days in assistance to customers.


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Macitaly,

    I agree that video tutorials are a great help to new users. The ones' available here at WPMU DEV are unbranded and can be downloaded/embedded literally anywhere on your site.

    I'm curious as to what features you'd like to see in a plugin that offered these videos.

    Also, I agree with ya, there have been significant changes since WordPress 2.7. So +1 for new videos from me! :smiley:

    Anybody else from the community looking for a plugin that helps provide the unbranded video? What would you like to see in such a plugin?

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Honest answer: I think a certain someone would come after James, Andrew and crew yet again accusing them of trying to copy what that certain someone's company has already done.

    We actually talked about all of us pitching in a single video each and creating a collection about 6 months ago, Never got off the ground.

  • Macitaly
    • Flash Drive

    Actually, I don't believe that there is a copyright around an unbranded series of tutorials and don't understand why somebody could blame Wpmudev to provide their users of some instruments.
    Also, there are already tutorials in this site but are obsolete and administrator's focused.
    What i suggest is a series of basic operations that client/end user have to learn before and during use of daily management, as writing/managing/deleting posts and pages, how to manage multimedia, assign categories and tags, use editor, creating excerpts and so on.
    In short, all these operations that need be learned to use WP3 and the same ones that the client ask to whom arranged the site for him.

    Also, talking about Wpmudev, could be useful some video (again for end users) on how to use Easy Blogging, for example.

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    I agree, I think that it would be good for us to offer unbranded support videos for all things WordPress that you guys can use!

    I'd also like to make it so that it's literally a simple embed code.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll put it on our list & discuss it with the team.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Not sure if I would call this an issue. More of a request. You'll note that no one else really wanted this. I don;t for one. All of our installs are different. What works for one doesn;t work for another. The videos are pretty much useless for us. (edit: Sorry, being honest here.)

    I still think someone would repeat their previously general bitching like they have done many times in the past. He has a history of doing so. Not a matter of copyright. Just a matter of his annoyance when someone else does something similar to what he's already done.

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