Videos in Status

I can post a status or link, but video posts are created but the video itself is not inserted.

  • ramine_darabiha
    • New Recruit

    I have found another bug:

    If I post a link:
    let's say I paste a link in the status area.
    it switches to "link" and shows the link properly below the status area (as it should)
    but if I edit the link text in the status area (instead of showing "http://something", I type a description of the link, as you would on Facebook): the saved post will not include the link, just the text I typed.

    This also applies to videos.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    You can add videos from supported oEmbed services (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) just by pasting the video link in the box. However, there was a bug with posting videos when using "From URL" tab in the video uploader, which is fixed in the latest plugin release (v1.6, just released). Additionally, you may want to check out the optional HTML5 video support in the latest plugin release.

    As for the other issue, that actually isn't a bug - the plugin will post whatever you tell it to post. If you remove an URL from the box, it won't have an URL to work with. What you may want to try is adding your message to the box instead.

  • cif
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    These bugs are still on at present, See my post for support in the same forum. I additionally just checked the pasting of youtube code in the status windows and posting. This does not work. All my support thread are about author user posting.

  • cif
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    Please note that when Status plugin would add the core wordress tag: [embed]...[/embed] to the pasted video link of 3rd party (youtube, vimeo etc...) then non admin user such as authors could display their youtuve video player in their published post and the youtube code not be stripped off leaving the post empty of the youtube video.

    So I paste: - into the Status windows and when I preview or just by refresh or at the moment of posting the plugin Status adds the wordress tags : [embed][/embed
    And it works very nicely for non admin users the same.

  • cif
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    Based on testing (in a more standard way) for other features of status I found out that in a totally php error free wp install environment the status plugin does properly display 3rd party video link in a embedded video player in the published post. That is pasting a youtube video link in the link tab. Status display the video right and I correct what I reported above issue (is not an issue).
    All this is when you do not use themes and plugin creating php error in the wp install. And also even without error you are not running inherent incompatibility between status plugin and themes/plugins.
    HOWEVER status plugin do NOT embed external video links (those self hosted from another site or the amazon s3 for example) YET wordpress core does embed the video player for these video links.
    And that is very unfortunate as status plugin strips the html5 video embed tags for non 3rd party video links (non youtube and non vimeo etc..). But wordpress does not strips them and automatically embed self hosted external video links. So that is a bad note here for Status which should be easily corrected so that it just does what worpdress natively do.

  • cif
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    Hey Jack. Thanks.
    Here is the story. I have been testing Status as part of putting a social share website together. That is long time work. I have been intensive 10 to 12 hours a day in the last 2 weeks.
    I am not coder just going back and forth testing piloting.
    I have been restarting doing this all this with debug on and with debug bar.
    And finally I got status properly working and this includes it properly displaying 3rd party video without hitches (ie not stripping off the embed tags) So on this count Status can do it and stably so (more on this later)
    And also it properly displaying what is called external video (and internal too YAHOO!) as mp4 type links (including s3 YEHEE) in a video player. Very impressive.
    Now finally last night I had the site finalized and working nicely with all plugins to deal with facebook share and commynity profile and logins and much much more (you know the slogan).
    All this php error free (some warning here and there.)
    And in completing with all final (security type) plugins and while doing so making some more postings this morning until suddenly the 3rd party video pasting was stripped of its embed tags (AGAIN! !!!) posting video was resulting in blank post.
    I took down all plugins one by one no charm.
    I clean transient no joy. I erased status and put it back no chance.
    I again had one more time to erase the all database.
    And on the fresh install before anything else I got status up again and pasted the video link and it displayed right.
    I want to say that your Status code is NOT stable.
    Now my last question is this : How can I clean up the database options of Status without (ul) erasing the whole database ?
    Finally I am willing to buy you a good beer but do not (ul) count on me to become a coder !

  • cif
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    I have to add this.
    In actual fact it is just that Status strips off all video (3rd party or self hosted) embed for the non admin. (I missed this amazing observation - can't accept it I guess)
    While wp, that status is build atop, does publish the authors videos properly.
    Why does Status knock off author native wp capacities for video publishing ? When Status own existence is to enable social multi author video publishing/sharing ?

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @cif,

    Hope you're well today, fantastic testing! :slight_smile:

    From your testing I've managed to replicate the same, I've notified the developer so we can get this fixed up.

    So the steps to reproduce are basically to share 3rd party video or self hosted and view it as a non admin and the embed tags are stripped.

    Thanks for your patience and help in testing this, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards

  • cif
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    yes jack.
    New proof is this: When I use capacity management plugin and enable unfiltered html and unfiltered upload then status does not do the bug and works just perfect.
    So my site us now operational and nobody wants to me unleash that best as social sharing site with automatic registration. That is to be a short lived site ;D
    Thanks for pushing the update out.

  • cif
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    Yes that is what it seems - I use a slick plugin that does the trick WP Canvas - Responsive Videos but as I reckon my observations. The self hosted (AWS S3 link - operational on self hosted wp site) video link (.mp4) would not resize with the above fully functional plugin fully working when pasted blankly in link or status or even video (which is possible once you click off the first media library subwindow) BUT does properly resize the video when the video link is properly inserted in the "From URL" fields of WP media library.
    That is the observation - Again the above slick plugin is only needed for the external self hosted video link as otherwise under default theme the 3rd party videos (and those your upload on the site itself) resize properly within the responsive theme as I reckon.
    Overall since now 2/3 days I can tell the site (fully featured with several major plugins/engines (url shortener), open graph as well as theme with masonry grid and UserPro social membership is actually STABLE !!! And thus Status is the 1st noticeable as a posting engine I would say. To see it you have to register with FB at
    This said similarly to making the tab above Status viewable/useable or not I was wondering (not urgent) if the tabs below can be hidden too and the case in point is actually "draft" since in my case members are not meant to access backend. Again this is not urgent at this time.
    To go back to the video links posting I did not go around all the consequences of posting video links one way or the other (that is just pasting them anywhere or only in the "From URL') and again piloting the different rendering effect/compatibility or useability effects in adding text above or below the link/code so then one would be able to post with hashtags and writing texts alongside his video publications.
    But Status made the grade while requiring actual real work to have it run so within an environment of a fully fledge site (some plugin are easier some are harder)
    Thanks for all your help Jack in caring for this.

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