Videos in the subtab pages look different in spite of the same code

Hi, I am using two tabs (Learn more/ Learn more 2) in a page with the exactly same code like the following picture in my page here (I will use different codes in the real implementation, though)

However, when I click the "Learn More 2" tab page, the video show up differently from the the video in the "Learn More" tab page.
<Learn More> tab video picture (It is the correct video size)

<Learn More 1> tab video picture (It does not reflect it's true css)

I really need to implement same video size in the different tabs but if I click different tabs, the video (html and css) does not show up according to its css (<td style="width: 1057.1px; height: 45.3068px; vertical-align: middle;">
[video width="560" height="315" mp4="http://robotics*******/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Curriculum-Overview-Video.mp4"][/video]</td>:wink:

Could you help me how I can have the same videos regardless of the tabs in this case?