Videos on my website are incredibly slow!!!

I have 2 questions about videos (for my website ):

1) What can I do to make my video play faster? I upload them my self in MP4 format (I don't want to put them on youtube, my site is a membership/ video streaming). When I try to play them, they stop all the time and load for 10 to 40 seconds... Its incredibly long and slow! What can I do? Also, in this same question, I can't see the thumbnail of each video. Its look like a black rectangle, no image (thumbnail) to give idea of what the video is about.

2) How can I protect my video for being download by my members? I'm using "WP Copy Protect v3.0.0" plugin but I'm still able to download video from my site with the software "Iskysoft tube studio". So if I'm able to download them, other people can too... How can I prevent this?

Thank you for you time and your help. I really appreciate it.
Thank you!

Best regards,

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Positif Style,

    Hope you're well today and thanks your question.

    1: This would depend on the type of hosting you have and the video size, you could compress the video but that would be at a risk of quality loss, what size is the video?

    2: There's not much that can be done on that, unless you use a media server, or something like Silverlight, but most browser add-ons can get around other forms of protection, that try and mask the location and those kinds of things.


    Kind Regards

  • Positif Style

    Hello, thank you for the message. I'm still look for a media server solution for my video course. I made some research about media servers:

    1) I tried Amazon S3 ( I set up everything, link Amazon S3 with Wordpress but using S3Video plugin, I also installed VideoJs player plugin to be able to play my video from Amazon S3... it playing but its incredibly slow! really, its painful to watch!!! I watched tone of tutorial and red articles to be sur that I'm not doing mistakes, but I didn't find any thing wrong...)

    2) I tried with S3Bubble (I create an account with the free trial, I uploaded 1 video to be able to test it. About the speed, same thing, incredibly slow to play even on their own site player. I watched another people tutorial on this, even in their video you can see how the video is playing very slow, pausing every 4 - 10 seconds...)

    Do you know any other media servers solution I can try? I would like to give a great service to my members and make videos play like on youtube (fast). Any suggestions?

    thank you again for the help. Regards,

  • Positif Style

    Thank you for your messages.

    It's worth noting the pausing every few seconds, isn't your server and is rather the end users connection speed, it's buffering like you see on Youtube, what is your connection speed?

    My Internet is hight speed. I Also made some test with friends, to see if videos are slow on their computer / smart phones... and yes it was. I also stop uploading videos from my computer to Wordpress because I'm making longer course now. And even I compress them, still, they too heavy to be uploaded. So I went for the option of finding a better server (and paying for it). Tested videos are already been deleted...

    I typically host videos on Vimeo or Brightcove. They're both well supported by plugin developers and much more cost effective than trying to pay for all of your own bandwidth + CPU.

    All my important videos are for members only. I went on Vimeo for business to got more informations... it cost CA$219/Year Up to 1,000GB a year (20GB/week) + Unlimited HD. It seems good but, I couldn't find if I can my videos there, make them private and share them exclusively on my website? Do you thing that it's possible? About Brightcove, I din't find the pricing ans plans...

    I'm willing to pay for video hosting but not too much. I find and other video media server. Very good service, easy to customize, but they charge Extra bandwidth $0.50 per GB. What you think about this one? Is that a lot or no? I dont know much about bandwidth stuff... the price is ok but the Extra bandwidth, I don't know if it can cause me big extra money.

    Thank you again for your help. Have a good week-end.

  • Positif Style

    I just find an other option on Vimeo :
    Why Wait – Join Vimeo Plus Now!

    Vimeo Plus is an affordable way to take control of how your videos appear on the Web. Using the advanced features and customizable tools of Vimeo Plus, your work is presented exactly how you want it to be. GET PLUS NOW
    Buy Annual
    or Buy Monthly for CA$10.95/month

    Really not bad!

  • Trevor

    Hi this is my 1st reply to anyone.
    1st off you can upload them to You tube and have your setting set to

    Visit your Video Manager.(youtube)
    Find the video you’d like to change, then click the Edit button.
    In the 'Privacy Settings' drop-down menu, select Public, Unlisted or Private.
    Click Save changes.
    That solves your problem with other people viewing your video without paying for it.....
    Then you can upload them from there to your site.
    i have a site you might want to check out.
    I use a theme not available here but if you are interested
    let m know....Only costs 40 odd bucks
    As you will see there is no problems in playing of a video.
    And i use the membership plugin from here.
    With this theme I think you will be able to do what you want

  • Positif Style

    thank you for the message.
    I already tried Youtube 'Privacy Settings' drop-down menu, Private and Unlisted/ Wordpress ... the thing is, people style albe to download my videos with sofwares like "Iskysoft Itube Studio" and share (got ) the link of the video (on the top right of the screen the link, like button and infos still available, I couldn't remove them on youtube). I was able to hide the youtube Logo on the player but it didn't help much... Also I still have advertises on the bottom of the screen. that socks!

    Thank any way. Best regards,

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