View forum activity record of other members

I like the way I can access my own record of discussions I've started or participated in here at WPMU Dev.

Is there any way to view this record for other members, staff and devs? I'd like to view the archives of and "follow" certain members because they have high-quality posts.

Trying to do this via the search function is messy and fairly impractical.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    This is indeed a very good question and thank you for that.

    Is there any way to view this record for other members, staff and devs? I'd like to view the archives of and "follow" certain members because they have high-quality posts.

    This is not available due to the potential of miss use, cyber stalking and the like.

    Even the @ was considered to be somewhat risky but has for the most part been very successful and very little abuse though there has been a small fraction of abuse thereof.

    Thanks again for this great question and your valuable community presence.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    I did not make the rules or even bring up the concerns of stalking in the very conversations that this was discussed. I just know what was discussed and that this issue has indeed been brought up to include the fear of stalking.

    Then one would know when a person is posting, time lines etc. From these a mapping of their work hours etc. As a matter of fact my Boss just told me last night he can tell when I go to bed and take my dinner break etc. just by looking at the graph generated from my posts to include e=the exact ours thereof - I definitely do not want this made public.

    My privacy trumps any and all reasons a member could possibly have to want to track my posts and comings and goings.

    Even the way the system is now, we have had in the past staff that have been stalked to the point of being called on their private cell phone while they were in the grocery store which scared the heck out of her and most recently a former member who would not stop emailing staff members around the clock - e-stalking them so to speak.

    I personally am not too worried about it since I have defenses in place and someone wants to stalk me, I live in a country that I can literally take you out, permanently, cop or not the moment you try to enter my property or my car without written consent or a warrant - though there will indeed be an investigation, I will certainly remain free.

    On the other hand one could already pull up every post I have made by using my "Cheers, Joe" in the search criteria of a well defined site search on Google.

    This is more then sufficient in my opinion.

    This is also kind of wild since we have members here concerned that we can see there version of WordPress, Buddy Press, and in some cases the version of a plugin on their Word Press site.

    Go figure and that is from a single post!

    I appreciate your interest Mark and your legitimate reasons, unfortunately not everyone is so forth coming, honorable, and honest as you are.

    If you care to carry on this conversation off forum, I am more then willing to hear you out --> aecnu (at)

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark

    Thanks for that reply, Joe. Based upon what you said, the policy certainly makes sense: I imagine you want to screen out the crazies as much as possible, and not make it easier for people to e-stalk. I certainly don't want to stir paranoia, either, though I think the feature would be useful.

    Remind me to call first if ever visiting you at your home! Hahaha :slight_smile:

    Take care,

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