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I am very exited about the Appointments + plugin. I have two questions, however:

Is it possible to sync all appointments with one click with google calendar?

Is it possible to arrange the appointments by time?

Now the appointments are listed in the order they were made. Since we are expecting more than 40 appointments per service provider per day, we need a way to see the appointments in a chronologicar order or at least filter out only todays appointments.

  • Hakan


    Does this seem like a valid solution to you?

    If it works for you, of course you can use it. mysql datetime field can be ordered by simple string order. It works. But I have to provide more general solutions, i.e. it should be selectable considering all combinations.

    Is it easy to tweak the code so that the plugin would use different dateformat in the front-end than in the back-end?

    As you know WP itself supports only one date/time format. A+ follows this.

    You can try to write a child class which overrides date_format, time_format and datetime_format constants of the parent if it is front end, but I cannot guarantee the results of this.

    Or you may look for a plugin which makes this for you. I saw an application which changes time zone according to user's IP and thus location. Maybe there is another one with which you can set another set of time/date formats.


  • aecnu

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