viewing defender issues in a centralized lcoation

Is there a way using the hub to see all defender issues across all sites or each indivual site so they can be quickly and easily addressed without having to login to the sites individually?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello cornelius_butler

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    When you go to The Hub you can then go to a "Security" tab for each of the registered sites and either run a scan from there or - if you got a scheduled scan already - results should be visible there.

    That's a "per site" list and there's currently no "centralized" view where you could see issues for all sites as a "single list".

    However, we're constantly improving and enhancing The Hub. There are additional "site list" view options and navigation options coming up in future so that should make it easier to navigate through sites. But there's also a plenty of room for new features to so I've let myself move this thread to our "Features and Feedback" forum.

    This way other Members of our Community will also be able to vote for this idea and if it gets more votes, our developers will consider implementing it in future.

    Best regards,

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