viewing error log in browser

Is it possible to view the contents of a wordpress serror log in a web browser?

  • Jordan
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    Yes, if you are referring to the debug file generated when enabling debugging in the wp-config the log is actually a text file so you could use your hosts text/code editor when looking at the file, if your host has that option. For instance, with cPanel you can click on the file and an edit option will appear. If you don't see it, try right clicking the file and then you should get an edit option.

    If not, nothing stopping you downloading it and opening it in notepad.

    However, if you are trying to debug something on the page you're looking at and using Google Chrome, right clicking and inspecting the element and clicking 'console' will display any errors it encounters.

    You can read a post about WordPress debug feature here
    You can also find out about the chrome console here


  • James Morris
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    Hello cornelius_butler

    Jordan has some excellent suggestions. If you're looking for something inside of WordPress, the Debug This plugin is a pretty powerful tool

    If you want something you can just upload to your server that runs outside of WordPress, I wrote a small debugging script some time ago that might help. Only thing is it requires your server to support shell_exec() You can find it attached to this post.

    Hope this helps!

    James Morris

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