'Visit not via an internal link' not working


Perhaps someone can assist me in this issue? I set the pop up to never show when a user is clicking through my site internally … so, basically the pop up will not show if a user clicks through to a page of my site from another page of my site. Unfortunately, this rule just does not work. Every single page click brings the pop up into view again. It is pretty annoying, and if I can’t fix it, I will be forced to abandon this plugin.

This is the code I am putting into the popover content:

<a style="display:block; width:600px; height:400px; margin:0px; padding:0px;" href="http://pricing.payjunction.com/michael-rapino" target="_blank" title="Credit-Card-Processing-and-Merchant-Services-Sign-Up"><img src="http://www.mediastead.com/thestead/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/CC_Processing_Banner.jpg" width="600" height="400" border="0" title="Credit-Card-Processing-and-Merchant-Services-Sign-Up"></a>

Any thoughts?