Visitors are unable to access any content on our site

We were asked to start a new thread on this.

We have experienced an issue where visitors who are not logged in (i.e. visitor level) are not allowed to view ANY content on our site and are being shown the message from the members plugin that they are attempting to view members only content.

This is happening on content that is not protected at all and it prevents them from setting up an account and or logging in if they do happen to have an account.

We have had reports on this issue from our CEO as well as a number of users.

Our CEO was seeing this on the MAC OS with FireFox on multiple computers. we have also had reports of this happening on the Android OS.

We have since found that clearing the cache on the MACs seems to "fix" the issue but we would like to make sure that this does not happen at all as it is not practical for us to be telling all of our current and potential customers to be doing this as many of them may not be tech savvy enough.

This is crucial to our business model since we depend on subscribers to our content. We sell subscriptions to astrological horoscopes and readings at various levels.

Any user who hits this error is very likely to have a bad taste in their mouth and not likely to come back.

It erodes their trust in us so it is vital for us to make sure that this never happens. Our business model depends on this.

Thank you in advance for your help with this and we are looking forward to your response on this.

Regards, the PlanetWaves Tech Team.