visual way of presenting an ongoing Story

hey. I need a theme that showcases an ongoing, sequential Storybook in a simplified, beautiful way. I’m currently using the Share it! theme to showcase the timeline of my content, which is fabulous; here’s my website –>

However, when I click on individual entries, the presentation, while beautiful, is not the kind of flowing, ajax-style maneuver that I would like.

I love the timeline. However, I want the individual entries to flow together in a storybook style fashion. I could build a secondary site, with another theme, that links in, and specfically shows the various chapters; yet I have not seen such a thing yet.

I have also considered, is there a way to transform the way in which Next Post / Previous Post functions in the Share it! theme?

There is a theme that i’ve looked at called ‘Borderland’; which does an interesting thing for Previous/Next posts. Observe here:

I like this. The way it fades between posts and then moves forward.

So my questions are:

1) How easy is it to customize the Share it! theme to perform this function?

2) Though I am loathe to create a split-site for the Story; i’m considering it for the purposes of presentation to the People. Are there any other themes that WPMUDEV knows about that can facilitate this?

3) any other options. Like, is there a plug-in that will create that kind of smooth transitional look, an AJAX, between Next/Previous post on Share it!?