Vote on the features you want in New Blog Templates

Hello Everyone,

We have been getting a lot of feature requests for New Blog Templates.

So its time to vote on them and get them developed.

Would you like to lock a few pages so that once a user signs up, he can not edit those pages ?

Prosites Integration :

Would you like to see something like below :

If you are using our Pro Sites plugin –

– If the site is a Pro Site (Your user is paying for the site) – They Can edit the pages

– If the site is not a Pro Site (Your user is not paying for the site) – They can not edit the pages

If you are NOT using our Pro Sites plugin –

– Enable/Disable original posts/pages edition?

Do you want a Wizard to help you setup the plugin ?

Do you want to allow your users to choose a theme while signing up and New Blog Template fills it up with Menus and Content (Pages, posts and sidebar widgets) as per your choice ?

So, what do you think ?

Please share your views and if you have any other ideas, please post them in the comments