voting for pages instead of posts

dear friends,
I like your Post Voting plugin. just I need to allow page voting instead:slight_smile:

Is there any trick how to do it?

(I use a premium theme HeadwayThemes, I cannot use different navigation menus for posts, so I had to transform posts to pages, then there is the problem with the Voting plugin.)

thanks a lot.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Martin,

    You can specify to have the voting options not display except through shortcode or template tags using the Voting box position option, then either include the voting shortcode on each page you'd like to the voting options to appear or include the template tag in your page template (likely page.php).

    Those things are detailed in the plugin's settings page.

    However, as you mentioned you were using Headway, there's really no reason you couldn't use the WordPress custom menus with that. There's an option in Headway that lets you use WordPress custom menus and with that you can include your posts in the menus.

    Hope that helps!


  • Martin
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    Hi David,
    sorry, it seems I am missing a point. I need different custom menus for different posts and their votes.

    Pages: I can make different custom menus for different pages. I cannot use page voting plugin for pages:slight_frown:

    Posts: I can use post voting plugin, but I cannot make different custom menus for different posts:slight_frown: (?)

    Am I right?

    Thanks a lot,

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