VPS, Dedicated or Cloud?

I am building a user generated multisite and do not have significant control over the rate of growth or the size of the overall network. If the day comes that a 1,000 new sites are generated by our users we want to be ready.

I see that Amazon Web Service and Google App Engine might be good solutions. I am wondering what are the disadvantages here? What type of additional tasks will I need to take on with these options over the run of a mill hosting provider on VPS or dedicated?

Attn: @PC & Mark

  • aecnu

    Greetings rmandmllc,

    Thank you for the great question which is appreciated.

    Though I do know who you were referring to when address PC in here I am curious as to which Mark you were wanting to address? Just for your benefit since you asked for them by name?

    In any event, PC asked me to chime in here to give you my advice which I admit in full disclosure I own a VPS Server Dedicated Server hosting company and WPMU Hosting that PC as well as half of the WPMU DEV support staff hosts with as well as many WPMU DEV members that you rarely see here in WPMU DEV because the servers are configured in such a way issues are minimal and either deal with an actual bug or custom coding.

    I am not going to blast on either of the two hosting options you have mentioned i.e. Amazon Web Service and Google App Engine but neither of them are configured specifically to meet the needs of WordPress and if jammed up for some reason in your WordPress MultiSite installation it is unlikely that someone with specific knowledge therein is going to offer any assistance and be willing to dig into the issue.

    You can indeed believe the rhetoric with other hosted services like WP Engine but the price is relatively heavy or even choose the lower end Blue Host who openly advertises throttling the bandwidth (15Mbps) which in essence makes their unlimited bandwidth claim just a bunch of bull. Normally bandwidth is at least 100Mbps.

    Yes I have confidence and yes my hosting really kicks butt like many here will testify to, actually some already have publicly like Mark De Scande in which I showed him the truth and saving him a load of money while at the same time gaining performance.

    With that said I think that starting out with one of my VPS Lite servers will be the cats meow meeting your needs for quite sometime and I can keep on handling the growth long into the future with high performance dedicated servers if the need arises but that is when you get into the tens of thousands of blogs/sites like Mark has done.

    You can certainly join the "Cloud" which is just sales blather for networked servers connected to the Internet, but when talking about performance and being and configured to run WordPress - I am sure you have the picture - if not feel free to ask.

    Thank you for the opportunity and for listening to what I believe is the plain truth and also thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Gabe

    Stay away from AWS or App Engine. They have their place, but they aren't optimal for WordPress and there are too many dedicated WordPress solutions out there not to take advantage of them. What's your budget?

    As @PC mentioned, @aecnu can pitch in and even owns a multisite hosting company. There are also specialty hosts like Page.ly, WP Engine, ZippyKid, WebSynthesis and others. Most of these WordPress specific hosts primarily use VPS or dedicated and scale when you need them (seamless upgrades). The primary benefit is that they're hardware istuned for WordPress rather than being generic and their staff are WordPress savvy.

    Also, I'm not sure about your current customer base/revenues, but beware premature optimization and premature scaling, it'll bleed you dry.

    Another thing, be sure to take proper precautions against splogs using Anti-Splog and others otherwise you'll get your first 1,000 users in two weeks and they'll all be splogs.

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