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Can you recommend a hosting package to run 250 WordPress websites on a VPS. I want the sites to load in under 4 seconds if possible. I looked at Blue Host linked from your site but couldn’t find the info I needed.

  • maiki
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    That you are running 250 sites isn’t the important bit, it is how many resources they all take up together. I recommend Rackspace (I write about their services a lot), they are doing some really cool stuff with OpenStack, the gist being you get this amazing infrastructure for expanding to your needs, but it is a lot easier than say Amazon’s services. It is akin to using cPanel (I personally find Rackspace easier).

    You will be able to load up your 250 sites and figure out exactly how many resources you need. They also provide managed hosting for WordPress which adjusts it for you, but I don’t have any experienxe with that.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings philipgledhill,

    Thank you for the great question and PC sent me an invitation to comment on your question.

    I will be upfront with you that I am a direct competitor of theirs (more accurately my hosting company is) but I will present the facts that are confirm-able and try to refrain of any opinion based items and/or indicate if they are opinion based.

    Blue Host certainly plays a good game but they use throttled bandwidth on their clients which of course and indicated by their 15/25/35mbs instead of the 100mbs that is normally associated with servers and they never offer the full 100mbs at any price.

    Though they claim unlimited bandwidth they are pushing the data through a straw instead of a fire hose which in itself limits the bandwidth.

    Host Gator is another great game player where they claim unlimited bandwidth and disk space, but what they do not disclose upfront unless you confront them is they are counting your files and there is indeed a file limit.

    I admit I think and it is my opinion that our (AECNU) performance servers are the best on the market though I may be swayed for obvious reasons, here is what other folks are saying about us:




    And of course PC sent you my way because he personally hosts with us and knows how our servers fly.

    Now check out some of our sites and you will indeed find that they fly and our main site loading is around 3.7 seconds including the Skysa bar. Significantly less without Skysa and using Firefox the test was made.

    So there you have it and please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Philip Gledhill
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    Hello pc, maiki, aecnu and hpidriver

    Thanks for the fast response and for being upfront about any connections you have with the businesses involved.

    I’ll work out what resources I think I’ll need and then use that as a guide to contact hosts to see if they would throttle the site if it gets busy.

    Best wishes


  • aecnu
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    Greetings philipgledhill,

    Thank you for letting us know and for your input.

    Concerning Blue Host and throttling, no need to waste your time to contact them, they show they do it right up front in writing. The numbers I gave came right from their web site.

    Many folks miss the fact that hosting is the very foundation of their internet properties and do not consider the many possibilities and cannot see through the sales rhetoric given by many companies until it is too late and they have jumped in head first.

    I commend you sir on taking the time to research these avenues and come up with a plan.

    Cheers, Joe

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