VPS overload, apparently due to heartbeat API

I'm getting alerts for 80%+ CPU and memory usage on my VPS. Knownhost says it appears to be due to Heartbeat and the logs they're sending seem to indicate it's Heartbeat working in behalf of Domain Mapping. This apparently shows over 130,000 requests:

egrep 'omainmapping_heartbeat_chec' access_log|grep -c "22/Mar/2016"

I haven't made any changes to my site other than general plugin updates, but this is a new problem within the last day or two.

Any ideas/suggestions?

  • Milan

    Hello @nbostic,

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    I must admit that these things are beyond my knowledge as support staff so I am pinging someone who is more knowledgeable than on these topics. Our developer will get back to you as soon as possible. Just note that developer's responses are bit slower than support staff response here. :slight_smile:

    Let me know meantime if you have something else in mind. :slight_smile:


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