W3 Total Cache - Cache URIs with query string variables

I've seen a few posts on here related to W3TC, so hopefully someone will know the answer to this question.

Problem: I have several pages on my site that serve data from a database, pulling from hundreds of db entries (Formidable Pro), so it can take a while to process. In the past, I was using Comet Cache (formerly ZenCache ... formerly Quick Cache :slight_smile:. Their plugin cached this page correctly. However, with W3TC, this type of page does not cache ... probably due to the dynamic content being pulled each time.

Possible Solution: I've seen an option called "Cache URIs with query string variables". Some of the pages referenced above load with URI parameters. Is that what this W3TC option is for? Additionally, for the pages without URI parameters, how could I ensure that the data behind those are cached? Each piece of data is displayed through a Formidable Forms View with its own URI.

Thanks for your help,