W3 Total Cache Plugin for Multisite

After researching various caching options, I decided to go with the Wordpress W3 Total Cache plugins and PHP APC Cache.

I am running Wordpress 3.1 and have multisite enabled. I have installed W3 Total Cache on my main website. My understanding is that W3 Total Cache works in part by adding a lot of rules to your web root .htaccess access files. It is also my understanding that rules applied to your web root's .htaccess file will be applied to all your multisite websites.

(In other words, enabling gzip compression in mydomain.tdl/.htaccess will enable gzip compression for blog1.mydomain.tdl, blog2.mydomain.tdl, etc.)

Do I also need to enable W3 Total Cache for all sites?

  • wpcdn
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    I can summarize:

    Yes, it needs to be activated individually on each subsite. Even with W3 Total Cache inheriting settings, it can still be a bit tricky configuring it for multisite. If your users will be novices, it might be overwhelming for them.

    We chose Quick Cache because it can be installed once and does not need to be installed or activated for subsites. Yet it still allows individual users to clear their caches if you activate a hidden feature. (I can explain that if you're interested.)



  • Tracy
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    This is a tough proposition if you have a large amount of sites .... we're holding off and sticking with WP Super Cache until some of the kinks are worked out with W3 so that it scales with multi sites better ...

  • targetd
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    wpcdn, thanks for letting my know about QUick Cache. How are you finding the performance?
    Tracy, I've heard the opposite with regards to WP Super Cache - that it have cause problems.

    In my own research, the two best comparison of caching plugins are:

    http://www.tutorial9.net/tutorials/web-tutorials/wordpress-caching-whats-the-best-caching-plugin/ http://cd34.com/blog/scalability/wordpress-cache-plugin-benchmarks/

  • wpcdn
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    we're holding off and sticking with WP Super Cache

    @Tracy, the problem with WP Super Cache on multisite is that there is no control over individual blog caching. If a sub-site admin changes themes, the cache is not cleared. So you're likely to get support tickets asking why some pages still show the old theme (until the cache expires).

    Quick Cache, on the other hand, automatically clears the sub-site cache on a theme change or certain other actions. And, with a hack (which I can provide instructions for if you like), you can add a "Clear Cache" button to each sub-site's Dashboard.

    wpcdn, thanks for letting my know about QUick Cache. How are you finding the performance?

    @targetd, my pleasure. Performance is excellent, especially when used in conjunction with other speed-enhancing techniques such as CDN, opcode caching, etc.

    I've heard the opposite with regards to WP Super Cache - that it have cause problems.

    We have never experienced any issues other than the limitations mentioned above. I think recent versions are very reliable.

  • wpcdn
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    Could you provide the instruction for allowing single blogs to clear a cache with Quick Cache?

    Glad to:

    Install the latest version of Quick Cache:

    Then create this directory if it doesn't already exist:

    Create this file:

    Inside the file, add this code:

    add_filter("ws_plugin__qcache_ms_user_can_see_admin_header_controls", "__return_true");
  • Marty Thornley
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    Wanted to add a quick addendum to the filter allowing users to clear the cache in Quick Cache.

    Just saw that when users are logged into the main site, even as just subscribers, the link was showing up. Maybe not a huge deal but no one user should be able to delete the entire network's cache, especially just subscribers.

    Instead of just returning true, I added a quick function to make sure it only shows on people's own sites:

    add_filter( 'ws_plugin__qcache_ms_user_can_see_admin_header_controls', 	'blogsite_user_can_see_admin_header_controls' );
    function blogsite_user_can_see_admin_header_controls() {
    		global $current_user;
    		if ( current_user_can( 'delete_posts' ) )
    			return true;
    			return false;

    I used 'delete_posts' but add whatever capability you want to make sure someone has high enough user level to be able to clear their blog's cache.

    And for the others asking here...

    LOVE Quick Cache. It just works. It's easy, never had a glitch like I've had with other cache plugins. It speeds everything up as advertised, allows users to clear their own blog... All good in what I have seen so far!

  • Legacy
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    @WPCDN how are you using quick cache with CDN. It doesn't appear that is supported. Is there another plugin that needs to be installed.

    Also, I'm interested in finding configuration instructions so that Quick Cache will serve up a CACHED version for a mobile. In other words it should create two cached versions for each page one for desktop and one for mobile. I've seen a lot of discussion on how to reject mobile devices to make them show dynamic content but I want their content cached too but just for the smaller screen.

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