W3TC serve cached page to login user event checked serve un-cached page…

I am wondering if anyone running into this problem as well on a Niginx PHP-FRS managed hosting WordPress server.

So I have W3TC for caching (with websynthesis.com/). And I used UserPro for login redirect to a custom page – a page that will serve dynamic content to login Users.

But my problem is, when user login (and successful login) and redirect to this page, user is NOT LOGIN. User need to hard refresh the page to actually see they are login.

I check the Don’t cache pages for logged in users and I am on a SSL https.

This redirect problem not just UserPro. It happen on one of EDD redirect plug-in as well and other.

I have to exclude the page for page caches (which I need to caches this page for heavy traffic) to avoid this problem.

Anyone here happen to know the issue and have a solution. I ask both EDD and UserPro developer and can’t find the issue…