Wanna be featured on the new WPMU DEV homepage… and get a free annual account by way of thanks?

Hi All,

We’re currently working away on an all new look for WPMU DEV… it’s pretty radical :slight_smile:

And as part of that we’d like to feature you on the front page, up top.

In fact, we’d like to feature a bunch of you! 3,4,5… depends how many good uns we get :slight_smile:

A bit like http://highrisehq.com/ – there’ll be a main pic right up there of you, with a quote… think of the fame.

Plus, you guys are the reason we do what we do, and the reason we’re here, so we’d love you to be the featured thing about the site.

And to say thanks, we’d like to offer a free annual membership to anybody we select to feature on the front, and a nice 50% discount if you make the shortlist.

As well as, of course, a great profile of you and your business / project / stuff!

There are, of course, though a bunch of criteria for such an important spot, namely:

– We need a really, really nice photo of you (photos if possible) taken with a DSLR camera (full frame preferred, RAW files even better)

– Landscape please

– Smiling please :slight_smile:

– The photo needs to fulfill a few criteria, namely it needs to be:

… really well lit (natural light is fine, but it should be gentle / possibly side-lit / nicely done)

… have you on a *blank* / *one color* background.. a wall is great, a studio, even better :slight_smile:

… have blank space (the wall / background) either side of you

… make you look as good as possible

For example:


– We need to have a nice testimonial quote to go with it, for example I might say:

“It’s like having your own WordPress team”

Just for an example (but we can discuss that with you after too).

So, if you wanna take part, please send through your piccies to james@incsub.com (me) and victor@incsub.com (a new designer here at Incsub land) and we’ll get back to you asap.

Any questions, feel free to fire away here, that way it’ll benefit everybody.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers, James